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Student Teaching
Fall 2023

Self-Curated Unit Plans With Lesson Plans & Teaching Materials

IPTS (2013) STANDARD 2 - Content Area and Pedagogical Knowledge - The competent teacher has in-depth understanding of content area knowledge that includes central concepts, methods of inquiry, structures of disciplines, and content area literacy. The teacher creates meaningful learning experiences for each student based upon interactions among content area and pedagogical knowledge, and evidence-based practice. IPTS (2013) STANDARD 5 - Instructional Delivery - The competent teacher differentiates instruction by using a variety of strategies that support critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and continuous growth and learning. The teacher understands that the classroom is a dynamic environment requiring ongoing modification of instruction to enhance learning for each student.

Fieldcrest High School


Description: This unit focuses on art experimentation through interpretation using new and found materials to create a collage. Students conducted individual and group research on four different abstract art styles and created these collages with that style.

Rationale: The student-conducted research and sharing allows students to work together and rely on one another to complete the connection portion of the unit. The experimentation allows them to learn new subjects and use new material without high stakes to an assignment. 

Evidence: Word Collage Unit Plan, Google Slides, and a Student Sample are attached.

Tri-Valley Middle School

Description: This unit focuses on identity through plaster masks. Students were shown examples of masks and their uses in different cultures and in history and discussed their purposes. The students created masks based off their identity formed on an identity worksheet. 

Rationale: This unit introduces students to recognizing and forming their own identity and creating this identity using a new material.

Evidence: Plaster Mask Unit Plan, Google Slides, and a Student Samples are attached.


Silly Billy
Geode Mask

Assessment Methods Portfolio

IPTS (2013) STANDARD 7 - Assessment - The competent teacher understands and uses appropriate formative and summative assessments for determining student needs, monitoring student progress, measuring student growth, and evaluating student outcomes. The teacher makes decisions driven by data about curricular and instructional effectiveness and adjusts practices to meet the needs of each student.

Fieldcrest High School


Description: This is a color-mixing application site for students to access on their Chromebooks. This was an in-class assignment.

Rationale: This was an assignment fit for this class and school because students were not introduced to the color wheel and its parts and couplings until this point in their art classes. This exercise allowed them to understand the color wheel and how colors are made by creating colors and to a specific "match." This was measured by accuracy through a percentage generated by the site when it provided a color for students to match, and they combined different colors to "mix" to that color. Students were asked to mix to at least 95% accuracy. 

Evidence: TryColors Mixer


Screenshot (16).png

Description: This is an example of the vocabulary that was required for students to complete in class in order to participate in a discussion about artists and to begin the project. 

Rationale: Vocabulary was completed in each student's sketchbook, and it was checked that vocabulary was written and defined at the end of each unit. Students were asked as a group to define one word from the vocabulary in order to leave the classroom. 

Evidence: Unit Vocabulary from 2 units



Tri-Valley Middle School

Description: This is a 7th-grade level Artist Statement sheet that is filled out after each unit

Rationale: The artist statement is simplified into specific questions that break up unit vocabulary, materials for the unit, why they chose to make the subject, and their self-evaluation. This version of an artist statement contains the components of the beginnings of a full artist statement and prepares students for future grade levels and sharing their work with others. 

Evidence: 7th Grade Artist Statement


Description: This is a vocabulary table that was used for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to complete vocabulary for the unit. 

Rationale: The vocabulary table consists of three columns for the word, the corresponding definition, and a student-selected image to remember the vocabulary word(s). 

Evidence: Vocabulary Table Document


Professionalism, Advocacy, & Leadership - PAL 1

IPTS (2013) STANDARD 9 - Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership - The competent teacher is an ethical and reflective practitioner who exhibits professionalism, provides leadership in the learning community; and advocates for students, parents or guardians, and the profession.

Description: Attendence at the IAEA Conference 2023 at the Q-Center in St. Charles, IL.

Rationale: This conference provided workshop and networking opportunities to improve my student teaching experience and overall educational philosophy.

Evidence: This is a certificate of my attendance from the Whova app, in which IAEA registered all their workshops and sessions for the conference. 


Professionalism, Advocacy, & Leadership - PAL 2

IPTS (2013) STANDARD 9 - Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership - The competent teacher is an ethical and reflective practitioner who exhibits professionalism, provides leadership in the learning community; and advocates for students, parents or guardians, and the profession.

Description: Volunteered to set up the IAEA Conference 2023 including the organization of the student show and registration "swag bag" with art goodies.

Rationale: As a past board member, I am unable to be a part of the ISU NAEA Student Chapter, so volunteering to help set up fo the conference was an opportunity to give back to the art community.

Evidence: These are images of the students and their teachers that were a part of the Student Art Show

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