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Art 211

Media, Techniques & Inquiry For Secondary Schools

211 Artist Handout and Artist Slides

211 Studio Assignment: Unit Plan Sample Artwork

Description: This piece represents the functional qualities using simple attributes of a traditional mug. It follows the boundaries of the components of a mug that holds liquid, but takes an abstract form to represent and connect to the artists presented throughout the unit. 

Rationale: The following was my artist statement: I want to express the functionality behind something that seems not to resemble something as functional as a standard mug. That there are some uses out of what’s seems like useless things. I used similar shapes and forms that you would find from a normal mug but I manipulated it so it was not as similar or recognizable. The unit focuses on abstraction, functionality, and structure. The artwork does not resemble a mug that currently exists, it is a functioning object. The structure of this piece is unique and adds to the idea of useful objects. The influences I had while making this work were the three artists from the unit; Lalese Stamps, Katie Marks, and Taylor Mezo. My work reflects a similar resemblance to the works of the artists because of their structural components. I used the ideas from each of their collections to form my own ideas and sketches to create something almost recognizable while accomplishing functionality.


211 Unit Plan: Functional Mugs

Description: This unit covers the aspects of abstraction and functionalism and how they are both represented through 3-D sculptured ceramics. The unit also covers the extent of the basics of clay and the components and techniques used to manipulate it. 

Rationale: I wanted this unit to represent the ideas and backgrounds of the artists used within the unit. I aimed to have students utilize their backgrounds in their work. I also used this unit to teach students how to manipulate and work with a medium they had never used before and had little knowledge of. I wanted my students to explore functionality and abstraction and analyze how both can be implemented in a piece of artwork. 

211 Studio Assignment Assessment

Description:  The formative assessment is recorded based on participation among the students while discussing, analyzing, and connecting the unit's artists to the unit's central idea. The summative assessment records the sketches that students made for the development of their piece and the craftsmanship, production, and creativity throughout the artwork. 

Rationale: These are being assessed because students needed to reach a certain criteria for idea development to encourage development and provide different perspectives from their sketches. Craftmanship is assessed so that students are implementing quality into their work and how they used creativity into the production of the piece

211 Artist Handout and Artist Slides

Description:  Our handouts contain historical and critical information, websites, questions, vocabulary, and suggestions for further study and art-making. 

Rationale: The questions on the handout interrogate the Conceptual Framework and use the Frames to form a deeper understanding by using open-ended questions directed toward the students' individuality. This is used to encourage brainstorming towards both the student's intent for the unit and the statement they make later on.


Description: This is an exhibit in Transpace at the Wonsook Kim School of Art at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. This exhibit features a collection of works from different artists in the IHSAE, or Illinois High School Art Exhibition, for 2022.

Rationale: I found these artists' work remarkable because of the quality of the craftsmanship and the diversity of the mediums used.


Emmy Stickrod, Endeara. 

Painting. Dee-Mack High School


Lucas Riggins, Danger.

Drawing, Centennial High School


Description: This is an exhibit in Transpace at the Wonsook Kim School of Art at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. This exhibit features my own collection of works from Alternative Drawings originating from a Topics in Drawings course at Illinois State University.

Rationale: I chose these works specifically because I felt that they well represented my skills as an artist, especially with charcoal. I included one drawing of pastels because it was a new medium I used and I felt that it turned out really well and contrasted the other two drawings nicely.


Liv Shouse, Crown, Charcoal on paper, 60"x 60"


Liv Shouse, Movement, Charcoal on paper, 30"x 22"


Liv Shouse, Rhythm, Pastel on paper, 22"x 30"

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