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My Teaching Philosophy

As an ISU Art Teacher Education candidate, I want to incorporate relevancy, choice, and comfort within my teaching. My approach to teaching allows students to feel comfortable in a classroom while being able to express themselves as a therapeutic let out. This allows my students to be motivated and engaged in the classroom because of the environment. If individuals are comfortable in a setting, they tend to be more productive in their work. I welcome any students regardless of experience because I believe anyone can be an artist. As a future art educator, I am influenced by the theory of artistic process created by John Dewey (Dewey 1897). The research-based practice that has influenced my beliefs is Maslow's hierarchy of needs which entails levels of conditions necessary for the function of an individual. It lists core, fundamental conditions at the bottom in defined categories to the top where lesser needs are at the top. In my class, I want students to be able to choose a topic that interests them, so they have a sense of discovery, connection, and choice behind their work. I want to create this so that each piece is individualized to ensure not every unit has the same outcome for different students. I want different products from every student. I want to create a comfortable and inviting space for students to work in so it doesn't feel like a regular classroom but instead a creative space. I want to include warm-up sketches in my classroom as a pedagogical practice to prepare students for the content to follow and to solidify a routine within the classroom. Students need to be rooted in the community that their school resolves in. Being able to represent and connect within their school's community is essential to the impact and development of their education. The role of students in the classroom is to use common sense while working with tools and be responsible for the supplies they utilize. The responsibility and role of the teacher are to provide the amenities and support that each student finds necessary. The role of the parents is to entrust the methods of the teacher and be open about their questions, comments, and concerns regarding the content of a class. I want the parents to feel comfortable with their students in my class

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